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The Oh31 College Preparatory Academy is designed to simulate a student athlete’s complete academic and athletic year in a US based academic institution.






Enhance student athlete’s athletic training standards and academic education.



It is a pleasure to introduce you to Oh31 College Preparatory Academy, an institution that blends a deep commitment to scholarly endeavors with equally distinctive athletics.

Our home based is found on the beautiful tropical Island landscape of Antigua providing an educational home for an exceptionally lively and talented community of teachers and students. We come together, from a diverse set of backgrounds, to learn with and from each other.

At Oh31 College Preparatory Academy, we believe that intellectual and athletic development cannot be separated. In addition to the rigor that is the hallmark of our preparation, we see the cornerstone values of respect, dedication, teamwork and leadership in large and small ways throughout our days.

We strive to cultivate in our graduates not only athletic exceptionality but also intellectual resilience.

Oh31 College Preparatory Academy is designed for select student-athletes who desire to enhance their academic and athletic skills in simulation for entrance into colleges and universities in the United States

A candid evaluation of each student’s strengths and weaknesses will be provided.


Oladela Koyode

Oladele Kayode, 15yrs, 6.7ft, combo guard and small forward (1,2,3). can handle the ball well, shoot the ball arc in and attacks the basket hard. Great feel for the game and is already beyond his years.

Emmanuel Chiemeke


Emmanuel Chiemeke, 6’8 Forward 14 years old

Long athletic with good basketball IQ, great rebounder and shot blocker. Shooting range arc in, strong power game, ball handling is good. Shows great attitude and mental toughness coachable and competitive. 

Emmanuel Chiemeke, 6’8 Forward: From Delta State in Aniocha South Local Government Area (Nigerian). I was born in 29th of October, 1999 into the family of Mr & Mrs Chiemeke as my biological parent’s. My father is a retired Senior Professional Driver and Mechanic (Civil Servant) while my mother is Trader.

I attend Standard Life School, I just concluded my J.S.S 3 (GRADE 9) with credits. Am a strong Christian, a membership of Catholic Denomination and an Altar Server that assist the priest in the celebration of mass in the Church.

However, my wish to be awarded the opportunity to school in USA, is to gain in the areas of Education, sports, academic Excellence, physical, spiritual and social well-being which the School has the ability  to build into me, that enable me become a good and useful citizen in the society and the world at large.


Ibrahim Abu Rahal

Ibrahim Abu Rahal 1.85 combo guard from Gaza, Palestine

I Tried so hard from i8rahem on Vimeo.

Mame Matar Gueye



"The gift, talent or ability God gave you is your key to success. He did not give it to you to waste but to be poured out, used and invested."




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Player Testimonial

USBasket Player of the Decade- Jamario Moon " Thanks Coach Garrett for being part of my development, I could not have done it without you"

USBasket Point Guard of the Decade, Majic Dorsey : My Relationship with Coach Garrett is like a father-son relationship. Not only with me, but he is like that with each of his players. That is what I like most about him. He is tough, he is nice, and he can get mean when he needs to be to make you better. He is one of the best coaches I have ever played for. I have played for him in four different seasons in my career. My rookie season in 2005 he and Orlando Magic NBA Head Advance Scout Harold Ellis were a big reason I was a Top 60 Player among the NBA Pre-Draft Camp Invitees. I won two Championships, and 3 MVP Awards with Coach Garrett as my Coach. In 2006 he coached me overseas in Mexico. I lead the LNBP in points with an average of 32.9ppg and was drafted to the NBA D-League. Then he coached me again in 2007 for Mayas USA and we won the Championship and I was named MVP and leading scorer of the league with an average of 30.3ppg. The way he coaches and reaches out to me on and off the court is amazing. He is a teacher of the game along with being a former player. So, with the knowledge he has I have always succeeded on the court. 
Learning from coach Garrett's pro knowledge is the best advice I can give. Good luck!

Majic Dorsey


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